At Cibus Tec 2019 ILPRA SpA is proud to present some highly innovative models, the result of over 60 years of experience in the sector.

Demonstration line for ready meals: ILPRA FOODPACK M7 machine is a fully automatic in-line traysealer for high production volumes. The M7 is designed to ensure the reduction of power consumption and high performance by adopting ILPRA e-mec technology. It offers 700 mm sealing area and it can work in sealing only, vacuum, modified atmosphere and skin packaging. During Cibus Tec Industry 4.0 it is presented to work with ready meals in skin version.

Dairy sector demonstration line: the model ILPRA FILL SEAL 5000 Film version is a rotary table filling and sealing machine suitable for small/medium-sized productions, composed of 8 working stations with simple and fast cycle. This model is designed for hot or cold filling of liquid or pasty products. The Film version allows vacuum and protective atmosphere packaging.
All ILPRA models are customizable with various options to make them more and more performing and meeting customers’ expectations.

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